Meet the Team

Dan is a writer and director, who set up Want the Moon in 2018 to create exciting and challenging pieces of theatre. His work has been performed all over the country, at festivals including Brighton Fringe, Little Leeds Fringe and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As a writer, Dan idolises the plays of Harold Pinter and Tom Stoppard, and he is obsessed with film. Dan enjoys writing theatre and film reviews online, and his thoughts can be found on Broadway Baby, Film-News and Movie Marker, amongst other websites.

Dan Sareen, Artistic Director

Jess is a director and writer, who joined Want The Moon theatre company after co-directing their first show Other People’s Teeth. Jess’s previous directing work includes an adaptation of A Clockwork Orange (winner of the Riley award for Best Show 2016), Occam’s Chainsaw for Aireborne Theatre at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and her original play Nightlight. Passionate about imagination and visual storytelling, Jess wants to create theatre that explores human limitations.

Jessica Williams, Creative Director

Ellen Harris, Creative Producer

Ellen began producing during her second year of university where she first teamed up with Jess and Want the Moon performer, Becky Downing, for an ambitious production of A Clockwork Orange. Since then she has produced shows for both university societies and independent companies including 203 Theatre and their Derek Award winning show Brothers. Ellen produced 4 shows alongside her Master's degree which has been the most challenging part of her career so far.

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