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Shadows, 2019


Toby Johnston

A brilliant fusion of comedy and theatrical quality, exploring the anxieties of intimacy and romanticism that perpetuate modern society: real, relatable and high recommendable.


Simon Harris

This is an intriguing exploration of how we perceive our relationships as depicted through Nat and James who meet at work and each see their relationship progressing differently. Tightly written with subtlety and humour by Dan Sareen and excellently directed by Jess Williams the performances by Maddy Hart and Harry Boaz grab your attention and hold it until the end. Well worth a trip to Zoo Playground.


Sharon Williams

I really loved the rapport between Madeline Hatt (Nat) and Harry Boaz (James). Their performance was really natural, and the pace was slick. I've never seen projection mapping before, it was exciting to see. Very enjoyable, I was sorry when it was over. Highly recommend it!


Joe B

Charming, funny and often moving with convincing, naturalistic performances. A lovely portrayal of a relatable relationship, was fully invested in the story. Would recommend.

Other People's Teeth, 2018


Sam Lahai Taylor, Culture, Tourism and Heritage Officer, Royal Borough of Greenwich

“I thoroughly enjoyed the show. A great mix of thrill, romance and wit. I would high recommend, especially to those who’ve be harshly judged for their job. " *****


Andrew Brown

Had the immense pleasure of seeing this fantastic piece of theatre. All performances were thoroughly engaging, and the writing was insightful and thought-provoking. This play has it all; crime, drama, romance, philosophy, and chocolate cake. If you like any of those things, I definitely recommend going to see it!


Kathryn Wright

I very much enjoyed this show. The acting was excellent and convincing. I would definitely recommend. The woman playing the main character is extremely talented.


Judith Dawkins

I would highly recommend this show which I thoroughly enjoyed. A well written piece of new theatre that is both thought provoking and entertaining. It is well directed and performed by an outstanding cast of young actors.


Jenni H

Go see this, really, it'll be worth it! Great characters, great actors and a gripping storyline.

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